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Thread: Is it worth becoming a Full Member?

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    Worth every penny ! Help, advice, tips and all the laughter that it provides.
    Best bit are the POIs, we have stopped over in so many beautiful places that we would never have found.

    We'd pay a 100 to be a full member lol (just jokin admin!)

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    Risky Guest

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    I forgot to add that having no adverts is a BIG bonus to me as a full member. I hate adverts and would much rather pay for the services I use than have them supported by adverts.

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    Happy to pay

    Since joining we have bought our first motorhome and been wildcamping in the UK using the POI and help from other poster.

    We have had advice that helped us choose our MH and find the information posted by mebers helpful even though some threads do go off topic but thats just the result of an on line conversatio.

    Keep up the good work


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    Is the subscription worth it ? Every penny.
    I have recently managed to get the poi's onto my tomtom iPad app, with the help of 2 members (thanks Tezza & Fairytooth). I spent a week in Yorkshire and paid a total of 4 (in an honesty box at a poi)
    I may not be a prolific poster on the site but when I have asked a question the replies have always been helpful. This site is a mine of information and has more comedians than 'live at the Apollo'
    Hope to meet some more like minded people at Hereford.
    Keep up the good work Phil.

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    AndyGB Guest

    Become a member

    Its well worth the money the POIs alone are worth loads and save you on site fees

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    I think it is worth becoming a full member especially if you are new to wild camping.

    Once you have got used to the concept, and seen the type of places that can be used, it is much more productive to find your own places. Advertising a list of places becomes self limiting in that the greater the success of the site, the more people use those spots and the locals or landowners may well do something about it on the basis that "there are always vans parked overnight there" Not that having vans around is a bad thing, but there are usually a few bad apples who stay too long or leave litter.

    So as far as the POI's are concerned, full members should take the pressure off certain ones and find their own alternatives. This will leave better used spots for newbies until they too have found their feet. We have seen many spots subject to restrictions soon after they have been added to the POI list here, and then they are removed from the list in any case, so it pays to think about the nature of the location and where you choose to park up especially if you have alternatives.

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    Yet another that hasn't managed to Suss the POIs but have picked a few wild spots off here in the listings that I've used, plus attended a good meet at the medieval market I find the best comparison to be when I first got a motorhome 10 yrs ago I joined both CC and C&CC after couple of years realised I hadn't used them and had gleaned masses of information here and on M facts so I don't regard it has money spent but money saved ,

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    wtrlnds64 Guest
    Worth every single penny...all I have to do now is learn how to download all the information onto my SatNav...and as this is all new to me, it could take some time!...
    We're going to have GasIt installed before we travel into Europe and have already contacted them for a local fitter, as Himself doesn't want to take on the task...
    I've only had to contact Admin a couple of times and I must say the response has been quick and effective...thank you...

    So top marks from us...
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    I don't really use the POI's, but having them a hand, can be a night saver is toiling to find a WC pitch for the night.

    You also have a huge resource base for tech stuff, such as, solar panel, engine probs, then of course the inevitable fridge issues!!

    POI's are only POI's, if you have a question about a particular area, someone in here will answer your Q. List is pretty endless, really!

    One plus point not mentioned so far is, although nothing put up recently, every now and again, admin will put an Ipad, or something else up for raffle. OK, these raffles are there to entice/generate new paid members, and there is nothing wrong with this generate new business approach, as paid members have also been included in raffle draw.

    The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.

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