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Thread: Autogas/LPG Sources for members

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    This is one of the beauties of the internet - crowd-sourced information

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rod View Post
    Do any members know is it would be possible to fill the motorhome from the gas supply at home?

    I assume that the gas n the main is still liquid but my be at the wrong pressure but it would be easy to do if the pressures were correct
    Your domestic gas supply has very different properties to lpg (liquefied petroleum gas) making it unsuitable for filling bottles. Even if you managed to do that, you`d have to re-jet all of your appliances.

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    Google Maps SHELL Garage Thomas Lewis Way Swaythling Southampton currently 60.9 p per litre.
    Easy access to LPG pump

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildcampnewbie View Post
    As admin has said this is a very good app provided for us already.

    If WC members took the time to register (free) then update the lpg site status and prices themselves it would better for everyone.

    It works, I added the lochgilphead one myself back in 2012 when I was up that way and struggling to find lpg for my car.

    The registration page is here - Your LPG Filling station map

    The add a new site page is here

    And as I have already found out the hard way, they ARE NOT accurate.

    I have double checked these sites on filling stations that no longer sell LPG. If you had read my opening post you would have noted that I had to visit 4 locations (listed on these websites) before I finally found some LPG. The other 3 had stopped selling it. So the view of these websites being accurate is wrong.

    It is alright asking people to keep the information up to date but half of drivers cannot be bothered to use their indicators, never mind go online and enter information to keep these sites up to date. Nevertheless, I will add another website with hundreds of (alleged) up to date providers of LPG. It is Companies and Counties offering LPG Autogas | goLPG. If you know where they are, you will eventually get a fill

    I also notice that members have given details of Shell Garages for LPG. I have had a number of fills in them but have also been refused as their rules state that NO bottles (refillable or not) can be filled on their forecourts. I do not wish to start a separate debate on Shell, next time you fill up, read their rules pertaining to LPG, it is usually on a big board near the pump.

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    Hi Jim (Maingate)

    I think the answer is an external filler point. I have not had any problems filling my tank (85 litre) at any Shell outlet. Opening locker doors is an invite for the operator to check that bottles are not being filled. The regulations say the tanks should be non removable, however staff are not trained to know the difference between tanks that look like bottles and returnable bottles.

    I have however been refused in the UK, Italy and France simply because it was a camping car.

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