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Thread: Any Tips for setting Caravan up for wild camping

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    LostBear Guest

    Any Tips for setting Caravan up for wild camping

    Am in process of buying a Transit mk7 and a 6m Hobby caravan, since the banks screwed us and Brexit? well this Island get mighty small. and my beat chance of finding the sun for more than a day is van a caravan, any body with knowledge and what to expect on specs for batteries etc would be hugely appreciated, I reckon to 250amph batterries should be ok to run small tv sat system, hifi, laptop coolbox, led lights, etc, want be huge demand as I fly solo on trips i will be living in it for 4-8 weeks at a time

    Thanx in advance for any tips

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    A caravan will not be much use for wild camping in Europe try a small camper van

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    We have seen people in caravans on Aires and wc you just need thick skin
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    why make your life harder with a caravan ,they're a right pain,designed for sites. a white van and trailer is the traveller transport of choice, cops all over europe will be knocking on your door. better off with a big van
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    the requirement to park in an aire is to be able to move from driving to sleeping without exiting the veh a fifth wheeler in biarritz aire was moved on because of this mind you he was being a bit of an a*se

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    IanH Guest
    Aires are for MOTORHOMES, not for caravans, quite apart from anything else, a caravan using one would use two spaces, minimum.

    Also, in this neck of the woods, you'd be automatically assumed to be a Pikie, one of many to follow, no doubt!! Hard hat on

    If you really MUST follow this route then the only night stop possibility is a camp site, and, be aware, most of those do not allow white vans towing caravans.(Especially Hobby ones!)

    In reality your plan is poor, get a motorhome, BTW *** has Brexit to do with it???!!!!

    Good Luck
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    In the UK,yes maybe here and there but the options are very limited. France - never saw one caravan in an aire. It narks me anyway if I see a caravan pitch up. Saw one in Chester a few months ago. Water containers outside etc, I was half expecting to set up the full awning. Ok it is a free country but this is not playing the game as before we know it many good POIs will just go if caravans start turning up. Hard enough for MHs to convince authorities that we are good, but caravans is a different ball game. Therefore I am sorry but I have to disagree with your ethics on using a caravan.

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    It's wrong.
    Don't do it.
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    Yes, we have one
    Have seen quite a few caravans on aires in Portugal and the odd one in Spain.
    Some aires in the above Countries do show the caravan sign.
    Usually , they are larger aires and Baragems (lakes) in Portugal.
    A caravan did overnight at Caceres in Spain which is a small aire and M/Hers did not like it! In fact, I got the owner to turn his rig around as he stayed connected and was blocking the dump
    I think Germany also permits it, but France would be a no no, again we have seen the odd caravan on a French aire, but it is pushing the boundaries.
    It is possible, but not really welcome.
    IF I was a caravaner, I would use an aire or car park while transiting, but not for any longer
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    I have to confess I'm a tad puzzled about folks attitudes to the question ....

    It's not something I would do personally BUT boiled down I'm not sure a caravan parked somewhere is much more 'offensive' to folks that frankly probably don't want ANYTHING parked in some places than a motorhome/campervan .

    When I was up in the Elan Valley earlier in the year (tucked away in a very quiet corner of things by all accounts) I got out of the van to take in the view with the first coffee of the morning and was slightly surprised to catch sight of a tent pitched in the car park well below us ...
    AND briefly caught myself thinking "blimey that's a tad cheeky"

    BUT then quickly changed my view as I thought about it,

    A. they had landed much later than we did
    B. they left earlier than we did (leaving no mess as did we fact we left with a small carrier back of wind blown detritus as is our way)
    C. they are ACTUALLY closer to the whole original ethos of "wild camping" (certainly as originally intended by the good folks North of the border anyway AFAIK that legislation was never aimed at campervans/motorhomes, more so to encourage folks out into the far distant hills to get some exercise etc)

    As I say, I personally wouldn't pitch a caravan in some of the spots I am hypocritically happy to park my campervan ...

    BUT looking at the way 'some' folks are happy to pitch their campervans/motorhomes I'm not too sure it looks any worse to folks outside OUR hobby .

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