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Hi Phil - what a shame that you have decided to stop going public with your inspirational weight-loss journey. But i guessi would have done the same thing. Congratulations on your ongoing and regular success. I know you will keep it up.

For those folks reading this who tried to undermine Phil with negativity - YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. Undertaking such a massive journey as Phil has decided to go on is a huge and frightening project - and i suspect he felts as if it was impossible initially. Its not impossible, but it is a whole lot easier when experiencing the positivity, kindness, friendship and good humour from those who are in his life.

WELL DONE Phil... and keep up the good work..... i am in awe of your determination
Well said Delish. It takes guts (NO pun intended) to do what Phil is doing so publicly, so keep it up fella.