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Thread: True or False

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheerful Charlie View Post
    Goodness me .
    Is this Grey water I keep hearing about toxic or something ?
    Don't knock it till you've tried it Charlie
    The BBC- The Pravda of England

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byronic View Post
    From my reading of comments on these issues on M/home sites/forums;
    Paradoxically the people most likely to complain about other motorhome owners, are certain
    sections of the campsite m/homer fraternity themselves, who actively search for any excuse to
    denigrate those that have the temerity to wildcamp, or that fits their FLT Free Loading Tosser

    They just cannot entertain the thought that someone is "getting away with something" particularly
    something for which they themselves have chosen to pay for. What better way or easier way to get even,
    and make things difficult, than to point out sanitary indiscretions whether real or imagined to the all too
    willingly attentive campsite owners. And he hears just what he wants to hear before he approaches the L.A.

    This is not to say there aren't some irresponsible wilders and FLTs out there of course, just pointing
    out a disproportionate representation of moaners as compared to the general public are to be found in our
    own ranks as it were, known as the TBs (Treacherous Basturds)
    A human trait Byronic ? I see exactly the same paradox in some of the disability groups I am part of ...normally relating to peoples disability benefits

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    Quote Originally Posted by maureenandtom View Post
    False it's always false. It always has been. If true then this is a first.

    No evidence from the one witness who happens to earn her living from providing facilities for such as we.. Cllr Griffiths has claimed to have received an enormous number of complaints. I'd bet if someone was to ask the council under the FoI that the council has no details of the enormous number. I'd win my bet I'd bet on that.

    We have a problem, have we? Then fix it. But no; there is never any effort to fix it. And here it is an easy fix. Upgrade the toilets already on site. But ... ban motorhomes. Banning is the act of a weak individual who is failing to address the real issues, Or the act of someone who has something to gain.

    And then why is there never a burden of proof on the accuser? The assumption here is of guilt; where is our guarantee of innocence until someone provides acceptable proof of guilt.

    The beach was awarded blue flag status on 28th May 2018 or, at least, reported on that date. Eight beaches retain Blue Flags | News | Cambrian News

    Hardly a long term problem then only three weeks since the beach was pristine.

    It is never the minority spoiling things for the rest of us; it is the rest of us spoiling it for all by allowing bans to happen.
    FALSE - it's always false. And this council is no exception.

    The details of complaints now given to me have now been dated. They are: Two on 1st June 2018, one on 6th June 2018, one on 15th June 2018 and one on 20th June 2018. So there were NO complaints in the three years up to the publication in the Cambrian News that there was an "enormous amount of complaints". There were none before the council began its campaign to cause outrage where none existed before.
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