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Who is going to compensate & from which pocket,travelers braking locks is clased as breaking & entering, but if you leave a gate open or dont have one then the problem falls to you requiring a court order,very costly to do and enforce.
Chap i knew had them move into a old house he was about to pull down to build new one for son,travelers called police when he tried to remove them,police arrived and told him there is nout he could do.
He ask sone to go fetch his s/gun and boxes of shells which son did,police went bonkers telling him if he used it against then he would end up in jail.
Well son arrived and dad loaded up his pump action and pumped shells into the roof until almost all slates were of ,when he walked of saying the rain will put them out so go and arrest GOD,they were gone next morning to which he put dozer to building,win win.
an encampment would not move,about a month,then some one mention dung, spreader arrived with pig muck,all hell br-oak out started at top one load they were gone,smelt de-vine, one load for another great,pj