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Thread: The Caravan and Motorhome Club

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    Prices for CL's

    Quote Originally Posted by Wooie1958 View Post
    We`ve been in both the CAMC ( formally CC ) and the C&CC clubs for over 20 years now and have seriously thought of packing one or even both of them in.

    We hardly ever use them, never use any of the " associated benefits " and kept them for emergency use only i suppose if needed however ....................

    Our daughter, son-in-law and grandson bought a caravan a couple of years back so we`ll keep them both going so we can go with them if we want to.

    The CL`s ( CAMC, 5 Van Certificated Locations ) ) and the CS`s ( C&CC, 5 Van Certificates Sites ) used to be good value but a lot of them have put their prices right up now.

    We`ve no experience of the Rallies that the CAMC hold but the T.H.S. ( Temporary Holiday Sites ) that the C&CC hold are still in the main good value and we use them.

    Just because you use a campsite does not mean you have failed or whatever, the choice is yours and bugger all to do with anyone else.
    I have also noticed that many CL's are putting up prices, its common to find £15 to £20 charges particularly on ones where they have installed a toilet and or shower. I don't want pay for facilities I will not be using because we have our own in the van so I am far happier with CL's at £10 or less, just a tap and chemical toilet emptying point is all I use or want. Thats why I don't usually go on the Club commercial sites. I don't want the free extra benefits of kids on bikes whizzing past every few minutes or the sound of someones tv to radio or the view out of my window to be a seemingly never ending series of caravans or motorhomes.

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    Only worth it for CLs if you like using them.
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    "For us using a site is a total failure"

    Please note the us. Not you, us.


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    We tend to go off whether we want to stop somewhere rather than on a cost basis...
    Nice spot is worth far more than worrying IF its good value, or not...

    Example... We regularly stay (and have done for 50 odd years) at Shell island in North Wales...
    Full facilities (Barring hook up) if you want them (all included in price)
    That ends up at thick end of £25 a night for two of us, and two dogs.
    Expensive BUT the spot makes it very good value in my book.

    Currently on a farmers field in Derbyshire with waste and tap for £7 per night...
    Cheap BUT I'd happily pay close to the £25 Because its a loverly spot.

    Last week we were at Flouch (bottom of the woodhead pass) as we wanted to be over that way for work reasons) on a camping and caravan club 5 pitch

    £10 a night without hook up
    £15 with
    Grey waste drain at side of pitch and waste dump point along with a loverly bit of woodland to walk through (lit with solar lights at night too... Was loverly.

    All horses for courses and down to folks themselves to choose whether they think its worth it.

    We love wild camping BUT it's not always possible.
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    The Motor Caravanners Club is not as big but similar benefits and has recently formed a Motorcycle Group for those with bikes that you could well be interested in.
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    I use a cl quite a lot and just £5 per night, water and toilet empty only but lots of freedom. We can let the dogs run free most of the time which we canít always do when wilding.

    Yes we are parked up 4 metres from the beach for free at the moment but we donít tend to stop more than a night or two in a wild spot.

    Donít like lots of folks about so if there werenít cl,s I would probably prefer a lay-by to a Ďproperí Site

    Reckon I have done at least 40 nights this year on £5 clís so the £1 a week is worth it for us. So far only used the discount when I wanted a certain B2B as RoadPro had best price.
    Don't Worry, Be Happy
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    We went to Holland at Easter and saved more than double the yearly fee on our ferry crossing even after scouring the Internet for best prices they were still the cheapest we even got a free upgrade to a commodore cabin. So worth the membership for that alone.
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    Just one thing to be aware of is their insurance. They use Devitts who I found to be the most inefficient and devious broker I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with, at one point I could easily have been left driving uninsured because of their incompetence.
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    We belong to C&CC and it suits us

    As has been posted a handy option especially in southern England where good free overnights are rare !

    Useful for emptying washing clothes etc and tables chairs BBQ awning

    Again many wild camps are OK for overnight but not so good for a relaxing day or indeed drying clothes.
    Further north and in Wales and Scotland more wild camps are good for 2 nights and the day.

    We have everything on-board do the "certificated sites" are good for us and we check whether Leccy is priced differently.

    We also prefer sites that are pleasant and sparsely occupied.

    Similar criteria for Aires/Stellplatz abroad.

    We did once get a better price on the Tunnel but as we often book with less than a week to go this is not always available.

    So yes we think it is worth it (either one CAMC or C&CC ..some belong to both)
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    Been a member of both for quite a while , but mainly for Cl and CS , and the M6Toll Discount with C&MC , but thats gone now , so have just stopped my renewal , just with C&CC now . Its useful to be with one , and on balance i decided that C&cC win on several points .
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