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Thread: France - advice please for April.

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    Quote Originally Posted by POI Admin View Post
    Don't miss Limeuil ... very beautiful.

    There's a great wild camping spot by the river and a tap in the car park.

    You'll find it in the France POIs.
    I think its is no more. It had all changed last year and no tap and no access under the bridge sadly.

    Keith. There are loads of great spots along the stretch from Bergerac to Sarlat. I just remembered though I did a whistle stop tour guide for a pal that was going last October so Ill just copy and paste it for you here.

    "A Whistle stop tour of the Dordogne

    As Promised, some ideas if you decided to have a look at the Dordogne. The stretch from Bergerac to Sarlat is the most interesting with most of the ďbestĒ places towards Sarlat.

    Plenty of free or cheap Aires but I am doing this from memory as Iím not online so you may need to check on CC Infos for latest prices for parking or services but as you know I Donít like paying so most will be either free or cheap. Iíve provided GPS in decimal and links to the CC Infos page but Iím not sure if these will work.
    I know you donít have long so Iíve just included the best ones with a couple of diversions from the main route.
    Starting at Tremolat. Lovely little village and some nice little villages nearby. Just set back from a deep wide section of the river (I rowed it in 2012) and easy walking to some nice bars and restaurants but sadly they started charging a year or two ago. I think it was 4 or 5 Euros.
    44.87381, 0.83025

    Two diversions off the main river you could do are St Leon St Vezere to the north or Biron to the South.
    St Leon is a stunning village and you have a choice here of either the Aire near the Boules court or (Yes I know but listen) the Municipal campsite. Before you ring me up and call me a pillock for recommending a campsite itís just about a dozen or so large pitches right on the river on the edge of the village. Just like a really nice Aire. Both are officially to pay for, I think the site is about Ä10 and the aire Ä5. Easy walk into the village, should be a couple of places to eat and drink still open.
    45.01216, 1.08948
    To the south of the main route you have Biron which is mainly just a Chateaux and the only reason Iíve included it is because the Aire (which I think has no services now) is in a huge lovely grassy raised field below the Chateaux and its here that I posted a few years ago about the Stags Rutting all night long close to the van. Not much to see or do around there but itís a lovely spot but maybe not worth the diversion on such a short trip. If you do go nearby Monpazier is an interesting Bastide town and there is an Aire there.

    Back on the main route you have Laroque Gageac, Domme and Vitrac Montefort all near each other and all worth a stop. We always stop at Vitrac as itís free and a lovely spot. The Aire at Laroque which is one of the major tourist attractions along the river is to pay for and itís a bit naff but might be ok in October. Donít know about the Aire at Domme but all 3 places are well worth a look. Loads of castles along this route and the best way to see the area is to rent a Kayak if they are still doing them. This area is probably the most famous of the tourist trail areas of the Dordogne but it should be free of hordes of Brits in October.
    Domme is a hill top village, great views down the river and Vitrac is just a lovely hamlet under a Chateaux with a couple of restaurants and a nice walk down to the river about half a mile away.
    Vitrac is also the nicest and nearest Aire for Sarlat which is about 3 miles up the back roads. There is an Aire at Sarlat but I have heard itís grim and I think its 7 euros. Details I have are here. Latitude : (Nord) 44.89584į Dťcimaux ou 44į 53′ 45′′
    Longitude : (Est) 1.21242į Dťcimaux ou 1į 12′ 44′′.

    If you can go to Sarlat on Market day as itís a good market. The old town is stunning. Lots of places to treat yourselves to something nice to eat there.

    44.8244, 1.18394

    DOMME (24) Aire CCI 1673
    44.80121, 1.22185


    FRANCE VITRAC Montfort (24) Aire CCI 1036
    44.83558, 1.24852


    If you have time then just out of the Dordogne less than an hour from Sarlat is Rocamadour. Built into a hillside on a deep valley itís an amazing place to look at but a bit touristy. Well worth a bit of a detour if you have time and there is a large free parking area at the top of the village but no services.
    Unless youíre feeling super fit you might want to take the elevator down to the village!
    44.79944, 1.61611

    So thatís it. A Whistle stop tour of the Dordogne!! Enjoy!
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    Shame about Limeuil ...
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    Thanks Barry - that lot should keep me occupied for the next few days - but I thought the bar opened by eight in the evening?

    I've just come back from the offy with the wife .......

    Beer Carry 2.jpg
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    France in April

    Have you been to Saumer ? plenty of Aires an interesting area with the Troglodite caves to visit and if you are into horses the Cadre Noir is a good and interesting visit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeeLinda View Post
    We went to the Dordogne area a couple of years ago, my son bought us a book 'The Back Roads of France' which has a route right through the Dordogne and Lot valleys which we followed and it gave us an insight into the area which you could miss without a guide.
    I'm sure where ever you go in France you will have a great time as it is a historic and beautiful place.
    We have the Backroads Book as well and found it extremely useful finding places you otherwise may have missed

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