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Thread: Gas - France, Spain Portugal

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    Yes, we have one

    Quote Originally Posted by Caz View Post
    Quite apart from the huge cost involved, I don't want to fit a reflllable system as I drive an LPG/Petrol car so I know how difficult it is over here to find LPG without going miles out of my way.

    I doubt I could lift anything much heavier than my Calorlites in and out of the locker. They weigh 10.5 Kg when full.

    The Gas It 6KG seems to weigh over 12Kgs when full, maybe I could manage that, however it's too far from the locker to the side of the van to have an outside filler so it would be a case of disconnecting and lifting it out to fill - I didn't think garages allowed that?

    I could fit one Le Cube in if I leave one of my Calors at home - but as I will only be travelling through France this time then it seems a bit pointless.

    Having Googled a bit, I think Campingaz 907 bottles are available in Spain and Portugal so that seems the best option. I already have the necessary pigtail from my trip to France last year.
    Refill pipes can be quite long. I have a full one metre joined onto an other shorter pipe.
    Regarding refilling. You don't need to refill every other day, one fill for a camper will last a while.
    I have never had any problem filling anywhere, UK or abroad!
    Just takes a little planing, and easier than changing bottles for each Country, and then where would you store them!
    But you have made your mind up and what is right for you is the way to go!
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    There is no limit to the length of the fill hose, I have fitted a fill point on either side of the van, using around 3m of fill hose.
    Caz is very aware of initial outlay, and I am inclined to agree, but she would never have to even think about lifting a bottle, of any weight, ever again.
    One way of looking at this is a refillable system remains your property, and when you change the van, you simply swap it over to the new one, so whilst it can be expensive t o fit initially, it can be a one time cost.
    I must confess to loving my gas it system, it is so easy to just top up, on the way to a Meet and know that is one less thing to worry about.
    I have also invested in the continental flling adaptors, including an inline gas filter, to take the worry out of travelling abroad.

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    6kg of LPG = at least 10 litres

    In the summer we use about 1 litre a day.
    Thus if you were to fit 2 x 6kg refillable that is 20 litres so only top up every 2 weeks (safety margin)

    Provided you have s proper LPG fill point the distance to the bottles/tanks will not matter..
    If you have room a because you do not have to lift them you might be able to use 2x 11kg tanks which would give you about 1 month between fill ups
    Unlike a car which you need to topup more often.

    We like 2 x 11kg and as we do a manual changeover when a bottle is empty and look to fill up within 1 week.

    You can get autochangeover Or
    You could simply get 1 bigger tank or indeed 1 x 11kg and 1 x 6kg..
    Decisions on these will depend on space and how easy it is to change from1 tank to another

    If you only have room for 2 x6kg still worth it and if changing tanks is awkward just get autochange or 1 bigger tank
    Given your concerns re cost this maybe best combined with your other solution(s) as reserves.

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    I have a SafeFill lightweight refillable cylinder fitted securely in my self built Renault Master.

    Because I knew of the problems (laws) associated with filling loose cylinders in France, where I used to live, I have fitted a refilling point into the sidewall of'Millie' along with the associated pipe and additional pigtail internally. It's a bit of a faff to swap the pigtails over before going to a refilling station, but the bonus is that I have been able to refill anywhere I have travelled in her throughout Europe.

    Furthermore, I have never found it to be a problem to find a refilling location in the UK as I have them all downloaded onto my ipad and have so far never had any difficulty locating a refilling station.

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