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Thread: VISITING ROME - Is it possible by MH?

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    Italy - Our Experiences 2019

    This story starts at the France Italian border at the very bottom, at a place called Menton.
    Got fuel at 1.39 just before motorway, chose to get autostrada for initial foray towards Genoa. Travelled approx 160km to a sosta at Cells Ligure, literally 150m from exit. Toll was 17euro. Stayed for a couple of days, walking down 500m steep hill to beach.
    Decided to take coast road to Genoa, a tad up-down and windey but very bearable and comfortable, even getting through Genoa was OK.
    After stocking up stopped along coast road at ????- temp was in 30's and sought shade whenever possible.

    FUEL - ranged from 1.41 to 1.58, typically 1.42.
    Decided to rejoin autostrada after Marina Devina, going through tunnels on coast road was an experience, although width limit indicates 1.85m, this at the higher part of the tunnel, got thumbs up from Walls ice delivery so followed him.
    Next stop was Lucca - beside red cross tent and near market carpark. Journey was approx 140km, Toll was 13euro, chose to hit the autostrada as it was noticeable roads were not so comfortable, The Morning market was a mile long to end and back, took over 3hrs to see all the stalls. Visited the walled town, worth the jaunt.
    Pisa was only 30mins away, found difficulty in finding sosta, eventually got one for 18euro and had to get bus into city(1.50 each). A good city to walk around. Worth the effort.

    Xcountry roads not so palatable, (same as Portugal), but some main roads were also in poor repair, whilst stretches were very good. Autostrada from Menton saved a lot of hill climbs and also offered good views of coast and land.

    Most were found using Camperstop Europe, but not all are alive so a couple of last minute changes of plan. Found more often water always available, but WC drops not so plenty.
    So far so good with a couple of nights at a beach, (below Cessina), and a night in the hills E of Grosetto (Albacete) - damn gnats a torment.
    Now inland near a lake in town of Bracciano on a sosta. 14euro with WiFi, and nice view.
    Rome tomorrow.

    Fruit juices expensive, bread slightly more costly,hams more expensive, but cooked chicken can be found to be cheap also cereals. Milk is double of UK, overall our budget has roughly increased by 20%.

    Will improve info once better WiFi available
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    Hi Stanski, we're traveling through Italy to Sorrento in a couple of months. Did you manage to avoid the ZTL zones?

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