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Thread: Pros and Cons of Fulltiming

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    Quote Originally Posted by John H View Post

    Like you, we find the best aspect of full-timing the freedom. We have always enjoyed travel, exploring new places, having new experiences, meeting new people and visiting old friends. If a place turns out to be not as enjoyable as you first thought (or if the neighbours turn out not to be friendly, you can just move on - although this rarely happens. We have been living this life since retiring nearly fifteen years ago and see no prospect of giving it up in the foreseeable future. Bad weather can be limiting but we spend our winters in the driest and warmest part of Europe - south-east Spain - so that tends to happen more in our summers than winters! We still have a house in Derbyshire, which serves as our address - so we have never had a problem registering with doctors, dentists etc. and can't really identify too many serious problems. We have "Three" mobile internet, which operates at the same rate in Europe as it does in the UK. We don't have pets, so that isn't a problem. Our children said that, being confined together in a small space, we would kill each other but it hasn't happened yet! Parking when shopping is sometimes a problem (more in England than Spain) but most supermarket car parks are accessible. If you go out for the night to the theatre, for dinner, to a football match etc, you take your home with you which means you do not have to worry abut drink-driving! Similarly, when dropping in on friends and family, you don't feel you are imposing on their hospitality because you sleep in your own home. On the whole, I could list many advantages but have to think hard to list the disadvantages.

    All the best
    How do I get the missus interested , that is the question???
    Living the dream, most of the time!

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    I think a MASSIVE Pro for Fulltiming is it’s the perfect opportunity to get you to explore places while on your travels,
    Now I’ve not only run out of Donuts, But ALSO Cider from the Bosom of my beloved West Country/Cornwall Shuffling grounds, (That will serve me right for meeting mates on my travels & using up my stock).
    So,,,I thought I would combine a visit to a Abbey & Pick up some Cider on the way,,,
    But THEN i Came across ‘Appleforth Abbey’, Now call it Devine intervention or whatever you believe but my Zombie senses started to Tingle as THEY MAKE & SELL Cider !.
    Now I haven’t got ‘High Hopes’ with this being a North Yorkshire Cider,
    But you know what,,,,It really ain’t bad !.

    & they’ve got over seven acre of mixed Apple that they use for this golden loveliness, Very Busy Place, Lovely Buildings & Ground. definitely worth a visit. Parking is Free, BUT out of curticy & due to being in a Motorhome I gave them a ring first. Nice Tea Room & of course CAKE !,,,The Church/Abbey tour is Free. After have a chat to Rachel Powell for the Orchard tour... Although you can’t overnight on site (I Pointed Out it’s a missed opportunity for an income towards the church roof fund !) I for one could live here quite happily until the Apples ran out !.
    I’m on another day out today, But this time it’s to a Raw Butchers Meat preparation area !

    Yeah it’s the Zombie in me !
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