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Thread: Pros and Cons of Fulltiming

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    Pros and Cons of Fulltiming

    For all the full timers out there,what do you think is the best and worst of our chosen lifestyle?
    For me the best is freedom....
    The worst is endless rainy days,and all the difficulties that raises,especially with a dog.
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    Full-time for 6 months !

    As it reads in the title.
    April 1st to Sept 30th (or very near) we use the MH 100%.

    Yes rainy days can be a problem but we just find somewhere suitable and sit it out.
    This is helped by the fact that time-scale is not usually an issue.
    Towards the end of September the nights draw in so we use a camp-site for EHU.
    The rest of the summer we simply do not need EHU even though we only have 1 LB and 1 (120W) solar panel.

    We are fortunate/well setup in that we make other arrangements for the winter.
    We have lived like this now for 3 summers and yes IT IS GREAT.
    I would not choose to full-time in the winter as even southern Europe (and North Africa) have less daylight and cold nights in mid-winter.
    Yes very "wimpy"

    • Problems & difficulties

    Doctor, dentist, hospital appointments (parking)
    Shopping in large towns (parking really)
    Parking (again) when visiting friends in their homes (we seem to be unlucky in that most of our friends live in small roads with limited parking even for cars.

    • Other

    Mail is not a problem as I use a very good mail-forwarding agent (Boatmail).
    A sensible internet solution is essential.. I use a combination of a Mi-fi device and other available wi-fi

    We "wildcamp" as much as possible (80%)
    We simply wash clothes by hand on a regular basis and this works well (others will prefer launderettes or camp-site facilities)
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    Like you, we find the best aspect of full-timing the freedom. We have always enjoyed travel, exploring new places, having new experiences, meeting new people and visiting old friends. If a place turns out to be not as enjoyable as you first thought (or if the neighbours turn out not to be friendly, you can just move on - although this rarely happens. We have been living this life since retiring nearly fifteen years ago and see no prospect of giving it up in the foreseeable future. Bad weather can be limiting but we spend our winters in the driest and warmest part of Europe - south-east Spain - so that tends to happen more in our summers than winters! We still have a house in Derbyshire, which serves as our address - so we have never had a problem registering with doctors, dentists etc. and can't really identify too many serious problems. We have "Three" mobile internet, which operates at the same rate in Europe as it does in the UK. We don't have pets, so that isn't a problem. Our children said that, being confined together in a small space, we would kill each other but it hasn't happened yet! Parking when shopping is sometimes a problem (more in England than Spain) but most supermarket car parks are accessible. If you go out for the night to the theatre, for dinner, to a football match etc, you take your home with you which means you do not have to worry abut drink-driving! Similarly, when dropping in on friends and family, you don't feel you are imposing on their hospitality because you sleep in your own home. On the whole, I could list many advantages but have to think hard to list the disadvantages.

    All the best
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    We think that the first few weeks would be ok but after that do you start to realise the fact no grandkids or family,how would we cope with the in laws not being close to if needed as they're older?
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    Quote Originally Posted by The laird View Post
    We think that the first few weeks would be ok but after that do you start to realise the fact no grandkids or family,how would we cope with the in laws not being close to if needed as they're older?
    We have always been close to our children but we all like our independence too, so not being near them for half the year is not as big a problem as it might have seemed at the start - especially with modern communication methods. It also makes the return even more enjoyable. I do admit that we miss our grandchildren when we go to Spain but similarly keep in touch and have a great time with them over the summer. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, as they say. I know this might not suit everybody but we have friends whose children are in far flung places such as Australia and they see their grandchildren less than we do.

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    I am also in the first few weeks of a full time lifestyle, having bought my first camper in April and enjoyed as much as possible over the summer months. I have now decided to take the plunge and live life, not just wish I was.

    Although, generally quite independent and resourceful, i have also benefited from great advice, help and guidance on Wild Camping.

    So, early days but so far:

    I have a great pub to stay over at, canal side location, great rural area just Northwest of Wigan, close to M6 (J 27) for a transit stop over. See POI for full details

    The landlord welcomes locals and boaters (barges) and says he would love to see Motorhomes and Campers from Wild Camping. Maybe a possible future mini meet. I think up to 6 vans would work.

    Due to being this time of year, I need to stay fair close to Wigan but in January, following the New Year meet in Cheshire, I hope to move on to a CL, or similar, with EHU for winter months. Might help me do a part-dry January, lol.


    The freedom and also the uncluttered simplicity. I am still in the process of down scaling my possessions but in is getting there.


    I am looking forward to not being on a pub car park each night, with all the temptations that brings atm, I would like to be on a nice CL somewhere rural but alas I am held local for now and there are no CL's local but it is a nice pub

    Not wanting to cook, certain foods inside the confines of the camper.

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    Full timing

    Well it does take a long time to get used to a camper from the start doesnt it. In the third year of my full timing, I was still getting used to how to do things easy considering the technical boilers, heaters etc. Ventilation is one of the most important things, and keeping the bed dry etc through a long winter, but I got mine well sorted now with various diy remedies, I now get no damp nor condensation, (only the screen maybe mornings), even though its a PVC, and enjoying the total freedom it gives. Bit cheesed off with the costs or repair costs of some units like the webasto air top 2000, damn stupid putting such expensive gear on a sister spent 40,000 or so on a Swift 6 berth, and sold it a few months later because she could not get used to it, dah..........steve Bristol

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    Pros you don't have an house to maintain

    Cons you don't have an house to go back to when you or your van is unwell.
    Rock bottom is the firm foundation i rebuilt my life on. J k Rowling
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    Quote Originally Posted by campervanannie View Post
    Pros you don't have an house to maintain

    Cons you don't have an house to go back to when you or your van is unwell.
    I agree, I fulltimed 4 and a half years, the wet cold days drying washing I found the hardest...but you are right about a van being unwell ...Mot time particularly stressful. Limits your movements if it fails, Where do you live whilst fixed, often on the road I assure you, You don't have the toolkit to fix things effectively.

    The positives no bad noisy arsehole neighbours move on as you please. Meet new people meet likeminded people.

    One of the big disadvantages is if you want to go back to bricks and mortar, true full timing you fall off the radar


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    Hi Gang,
    Well, I think there seems to be differing views on what 'Full Timing' actually is, & of course all of them could be right !.
    I have 'The Nest' this is my ONLY Home & Transport. I DONT have alternative Vehicles, House or Accommodations. I move to a different location or Park up on average every other day, sometimes its only say a kilometre or so, Sometimes its a few miles, On occasions Much more it really does depend on the Geographical area that I find myself exploring at the time, & the Park ups that are available to me.
    I am not going to even think about listing the Pro s, as I could HONESTLY fill pages, Most days bring brings new Knowledge, People, Places & Life experience's that I simply wouldn't of had if it wasn't for my lifestyle choice. So the PROs almost have expediential Growth, Incomparable in my limited experience to a few 'Important Priority's & General Inconvenience's' rather than Con s so will outline a few I have come across.

    'The Nests' Maintenance & wellbeing.
    I treat this as a Symbiotic relationship. I Do what I can for the Nest, The Nest takes Care of me. This can cost TIME & MONEY. & last year I Chose to book into a B&B for a week or so in order for The Nest to have Cam Belt & Aux Belts changed, a FULL Engine Service with Full Running Gear Check, All Fluid & Grease levels topped up, 7 New tyers, & MOT done. Yep cost me approx 2000 including the B&B. Worth every penny. & thankfully NO problems or issues since.

    Park ups.
    I often make do in park ups that Lorries use, sometimes Good, Sometimes not so good. But as I Move regularly Easy to put up with if needs be.

    Rubbish N Toilet empting.
    Never had a Problem with the Disposal of either, But Very conscious of BOTH, & the semi frequent 15-20 day Pit stops at a site Often dictate my route. More and more recently though I just POP in to use the facility's for a few quid (Cash) rather than actually stay for the night.

    Have Never Run Dry, But Obviously its Always on my mind, I carry approx. 100lts that I top up at the Pit Stops, & my Portable Containers have a Permanent Home in my Ruck Sack that goes with me when out n about.

    I've got a washing machine that I use little & Often as my Water supply allows, it makes the Drying SO much easier & Often just takes overnight for the everyday things.
    As for my bedding & Towels I try & do this at one of the Pit Stop overnight stays because of the massive amount of water required, I Have 3 sets of Bedding, & change them at approx 10 days ish intervals. so I find every other Pit stop is a BIG wash day. My Washing machine only takes 1 Duvet cover & 1 Pillow case at a time But only takes approx 30 mins to do per cycle. so no issue, its just a discipline.

    Both 230v & 12v have never been an issue for me, as,,,,Well I Move !. & maybe Once In-between my OVERNIGHT Pit Stops I find a suitable place to run my genny for an hr while I do my washing. So Easy.

    So I think the key to making the 'Cons' more easily handled is, Awareness, Routine & Discipline.
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