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Thread: Peugeot Boxer Window Wiper linkage

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    Peugeot Boxer Window Wiper linkage

    My wipers stopped working, I tried a new fuse etc., still no joy. Called a mobile mechanic who said the Wiper Linkage has seized up and needs replacing. Ive put out a search with c few companies on google, but so far cant find a part.
    Its a 1996 Boxer. 2.5 diesel.
    Is there a way I can clean up the one that has been taken out, if I'm unable to get a replacement, with something akin to WD40 and a lot of elbow grease.
    Thanks in advance
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    The wipers seize on the spindles that the arms go can buy a complete wiper rack assy ,I will look for you ,plenty available if I remember correctly.

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    I had that problem on an earlier Ducato. It is not that difficult to strip the linkage out, polish and grease, then replace. If you cannot do it yourself, any Mechanic should easily do it.
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    Take a look here Not cheap though. Just wondering is it RHD or LHD?

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    Try this.


    pic 2350 shows my wipers

    Pic 2351, lift one of the wipers clear of the windscreen, like I was doing.

    Now, and don't use massive force, try and move it in the directions it would move as a wiper, up and down when seen from the blade end. It will not move much, however, the most important thing is, if it DOES move, does the OTHER wiper blade move? If so, repeat the process with the other blade and see if the one you tried first moves, even a tiny amount.

    Next, see pic 2352, your wiper will have something like this on it at the vehicle end, it'll need a screwdriver to move it to pic 2353 position.

    Now get some masking tape, cut 2 strips 4 or 5" long and stick them to the glass, behind each blade, near the end of the blade. No pics, if you need one reply!
    Now mark along the blade over the masking tape with a pen or pencil. In this way you'll know where the blade should be after the next steps

    See the nut in 2353, remove it (just one for now, not both wipers) the wiper arm complete with its blade can now be removed, might need a bit of jiggling or a lever with the screwdriver you used earlier.

    This will expose the wiper drive shaft. This is possibly where your problem lies.

    Now you need some penetrating oil (NOT WD40, WD stands for Water Dispersant, it is intended to disperse water!) You need PLUS GAS or similar, google it and buy it before any of the above is done!

    Spray that onto the drive shaft, wait 5 mins, then do it again. Now remove the other wiper arm and blade, repeat as above. Spray that one too, then repeat after 5 mins.

    Now, with BOTH wiper arms removed, turn on the ignition, to the last stop before the starter, and switch on the wipers. Nip outside and see if the shafts are turning. If not, recheck the wiper fuse, it may well be blown. If so replace it. Now try again and see if the shafts are turning.

    If not, then the problem is further down the drive assembly and you probably need a mechanic.

    Refit both wiper arms such that the blades are in position over the marks on the masking tape you made earlier. Fit and tighten both nuts, push the protective covers back over the nuts as in pic 2352. Remove the masking tape and bin it.

    If this has worked, then great, if not, then you need a mechanic. Personally I'd have him check the voltage at the wiper motor first, this can still be an electrical problem.

    Hope this helps, don't be scared, none of the above is rocket science, get a friend to help and do it together, print this out as well if you have a memory like mine!!!

    Good Luck

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