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Thread: Recommendation For Refillable Bottle Installation

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    Recommendation For Refillable Bottle Installation

    Earlier this year I decided to have a refillable gas bottle system fitted to my Palermo. The intention was to eliminate the hassle of obtaining and changing Calor bottles rather than saving money in gas purchase. My intention was also to make extended stays abroad a viable option where only local bottles are available. My gas locker is only just big enough to take two 6kg Calor bottles and wonít accommodate the slightly larger French, Spanish or German bottles.
    After much deliberation and discussion with WC members (that alone was worth my annual membership fee!) I settled on a Gasit system. The best price was from Getgas in Bristol which for me is also a convenient collection point, though they ship anywhere.

    I had earlier contacted my insurers (Aviva through Comfort Insurance) who advised that a refillable system wouldnít affect my premium but they would require the system to be fitted professionally and they would need to put a copy of the fitterís Certificate of Competence on my file.

    Getgas recommended a fitter local to Bristol who I contacted and agreed a fitting date.
    Richard was great. He is friendly, professional, helpful and flexible. He collected the components from Getgas, met me at the agreed fitting location and discussed the options for pipe routing with me. He took just over an hour to remove the old bottles and pipes and then fit and leak test the new system. I decided on an external filler point and I would have been extremely nervous of drilling the all-important hole in the bodywork! Richard has fitted literally hundreds of systems so for him it was routine. Richard has developed a range of means of protecting the flexible pipes as they pass through metal, wood or plastic walls of various thicknesses and these fittings are included as part of his service. After completion Richard gave me a copy of the appropriate certificate which my insurers are happy with.
    Richardís price for fitting in July this year was £50 for one bottle, £60 for two bottles. The prices are fixed so independent of how long the installation takes and include all consumables (pipe protection, leak test fluid etc.). Note that these prices do not include the cost of the actual pipes and bottles Ė my two bottles, pipes, filler point and adaptors cost about £300. The total cost was therefore about £360.

    Iíve now had the system since July and am absolutely delighted with it. Iíve filled it in the UK and topped it up in the UK, France and Germany with the adaptors which Getgas supplied. Iíve monitored cost and have saved approximately £70 in the cost of gas over the summer including the initial fill. Iím basing that on Calor gas at a cost of approximately £2/litre and autogas which has averaged approximately £0.55/litre. In fact Calor gas generally costs me more than £2/litre since when going abroad I exchange part used bottles for full ones simply to make sure I start with full bottles!

    Having said that the real benefit is convenience. I top up with gas as and when I choose and donít have to man-handle those damn Calor bottles.

    As I mention above, Richard is flexible in his approach. He is happy to fit complete or part systems. He will drill the all-important hole if that is all you require. He will work with any supplierís components be that Gasit, Alugas, Gaslow etc.
    Richard can be contacted on 07803 615892.

    Richard has a couple of rather nice 1956 Paramount cars in great condition and if youíre REALLY lucky you might get to see them out and about!

    I have no business, financial or other interest in any of the companies or individuals mentioned above.


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    Refillable gas system

    Had 2 11 kg cylinders fitted by Autgas 2000 a couple of years ago at a cost of around £250 at Carlton Miniott near Thirsk, North Yorks.
    Quick and friendly folk, filling us up for 55p per litre when we pass.
    The 22 kg easily last us a couple of months abroad , any season.
    Why pay the outrageous prices charged by Calor ?
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