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Thread: Refillable LPG Low warning

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caz View Post
    My LP/petrol car has a factory fit LPG system and the gauge is also an absolute joke.

    It has a red light & 4 green lights. When full, all green lights are lit and they gradually go off and when the bottom one goes out, the red light comes on indicating an empty tank. This happens at about 110 - 120 miles after filling up. There is still plenty of gas as it will go to 190 - 200 miles before it needs to be switched to petrol. Until this week. Now it has decided that all 4 green lights should stay on all the time. I just ignore it and use the trip to decide when I am getting low instead.
    The float arm has jammed. If the tank is fairly new, run it empty and take it to be looked at.

    They'll remove the four hole manifold with the float arm attached, free it off and refit.

    The problem comes if the tank is a few years old. As with many Italian-made things, it uses a poor grade of metal. The screws holding the manifold to the tank corrode in place and snap off when you try to undo them. Then you either have to drill them out or replace the tank.

    Having said that, my log car had a vertical "spare wheel" tank and its gauge was pretty useless, partly because the toroid shape made the fuel level progression uneven, and partly because the float valve was designed for horizontal fitting. I just used the trip recorder. At worst, you had to run on petrol for a while.

    I used to get 350 miles from a tank of gas, plus 450 miles on petrol. So I could drive a very long way before needing to refuel. Wish I still had that car!
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