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Thread: Shurflo Water Pump - Flow Rate

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    Shurflo Water Pump - Flow Rate

    Afternoon all!

    A few days into the Scotland shakedown trip in the "new to me" van and the water pump is leaking from the diaphragm. I expect it could be repaired, but the pump looks quite old so I don't mind stumping up for a new one. Because I bought from a dealer there is a three month warranty on all the habitation gear, but the dealer is now 200 miles away so for the sake of a 50 quid pump it's not worth the diesel or the hassle.

    The leaky pump is a 30 PSI Shurflo Trail King 7.

    Looking online these are available with two different flow rates, either 7 litres/min or 10.6 litres/min.

    Oddly enough mine is labelled in gallons per minute (1.85 GPM). I think the pump is therefore of US origin, 1.85 US gallons = 7 litres.

    With only a few quid difference in the 7 and 10.6 litre flow units, apart from the obvious higher flow rate meaning it will fill the kettle faster, are there any other considerations in terms of pipework, tap compatibility etc?

    To be honest I won't be filling a bath or anything and I'd rather not run a couple of litres through the tap every time I want to rinse my teeth so in some respects the lower flow rate may be the better option, but wondering whether there is anything I've missed.

    Driving past Glasgow in a few days so will probably buy from WaterPumps/Accessories - Shurflo Pumps & Spares - The Caravan Shop

    Cheers all.

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    Personally, I think it is worth going for the higher rate pump as you can always open the tap less to get a slower flow. If the PSI rating is the same, I can't think of a reason why not (assuming fittings are the same as well?)
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    Personally I would go for the higher cfm, it won’t do damage in the way going up on pressure could. You can always open taps less as Dave says but will get a better shower at the costs of talk emptying quicker

    Your choice whatever your preference 👍
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    Shurflo pumps come in at least 30PSI and 20PSI ratings. I've always preferred the lower pressure
    rated, reasons are, that some water boilers, fittings and taps are only rated at 16-20 PSI Max.
    Less pressure equals less stress.
    Flow rates aren't so important 7L/PM is plenty enough for a shower, it's not often (if at all) that a
    motorhome has more than one tap operating for more than a few seconds simultaneously.
    Shurflo are American, the 10.6 L/PMin. 30 PSI is probably meant for a 9m RV. and consequent pressure drop.
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