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Thread: Henley-in-Arden Music Festival 23rd - 28th August 2018

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    Henley-in-Arden Music Festival 23rd - 28th August 2018

    Henley-in-Arden Music Festival meet.

    Each year in my hometown we have a small music festival. Rather than being a field with a stage, local businesses host musicians over four days. Pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.
    There are some small outdoor events with bands playing in beer gardens and in the local open spaces.

    Henley-in-Arden is a small tourist town and has plenty of pubs and eating houses. You can find some basic information here: Henley-in-Arden and Beaudesert in Warwickshire, England

    The venue for the meet is Henley-in-Arden High School: Henley-in-Arden School

    The fee will be 10.00 per van per night with a minimum of 3 nights stay. You can stay for 5 nights.

    There is an event fee of 5.00 per unit. This will be payable at the venue. More information on event fees

    Earliest arrival on Thursday is 4 pm. This is because it is GSCE results day and the school will be open.
    All vans must be off site by 4 pm on the 28th August.

    I need to know how many nights that you intend to stay for when you book.

    Some key information:

    • We will have access to showers, toilets, cassette emptying and two outside water taps.
    • Pitches are hard standing, but some grass pitches may be in use above area D (see map below) depending on the weather.
    • Pitches are spread across the site.
    • There is a bus stop outside the school with buses running every 15 minutes into Stratford-upon-Avon (five miles away)
    • Dogs must be kept on leads unless under supervision outside your van. Anyone not following this rule will be asked to leave.
    • ALL dog mess MUST be picked up. Anyone not following this rule will be asked to leave.
    • Henley has one long High Street that is about 1 mile long, the School is at the south end of this road.
    • The school is overlooked by houses, so late night music is not allowed. (but I think most people will be in the town anyway)
    • There will be no fires or evening music outside. The dining room will be open every evening if people wish to gather.
    • We will have the dining room available for tea, coffee and chat every day.
    • The Shakespeare Express (Steam Train) will be running through Henley four times on 26th August. You can book a ticket for it.
    • This meet is strictly limited to 52 vans

    The school are waiving the "no dog being exercised on site" rule for us. This is because I have promised them that we will clean the site on arrival and exit. If I see any dogs running free and not under control, the offending members will be asked to leave the meet. If you are not happy with this, then do not attend this meet. Volunteers for poop patrol would be welcomed.

    For more information on the Shakespeare Express visit this website :

    School Address:

    Henley-in-Arden School
    Stratford Road
    B95 6AF

    Google Earth view of School:

    Google Maps


    School site photo with parking marked:

    A: Playground
    B: Outside dining room
    C: Hub car park
    D: Parking + grass behind depending on the weather
    E: Parking bays opposite gym
    F: Staff car park
    G: Coach drop off

    Parking will be on a first come first served basis unless you are in area G.

    If you would rather choose to be parked in the coach drop off area (G), then please state that in your post when booking. This area is quieter and has a path connecting it to the main car park (A). Motorhomes in this area will be able to park sideways on to the grass, no other areas allow this.

    Help from the community

    I would like to encourage people to volunteer to help with some of the tasks involved with running this meet:

    1) On Thursday afternoon we need to do a litter pick and dog poo patrol around the school grounds.
    2) Each day we will have a tea/coffee bar in the dining room. I would like to do a rota so that we have people manning it in one-hour shifts from 9 am until 5 pm each day.
    3) On Tuesday it is really important that we do a litter pick and dog poo patrol around the school grounds. Also, all bins on the grounds must be emptied.

    If you would like to offer your help then please state what you would like to help with within your post.

    Litter Bins

    There are large bins at the back of the kitchens for the rubbish from your motorhome. Please do not fill the litter bins around the school grounds with the rubbish from your motorhomes. We will empty the litter bins, but at the New Year meet members were stuffing the bins beyond capacity, please do not do this.

    Booking and Payments

    To book for this meet please add a post to this thread stating how many nights (minimum 3), If you would like to help out with the tasks, and if you want to Park in area G (10 vans max).

    Then click on the link below to go to the payments page. Please pay straight away to confirm your booking if you can. Any bookings not paid for 30 days before the event will be cancelled.

    The 5.00 event fee is payable in cash when you arrive at the event.


    The list of attendees

    1. Admin (confirmed 5 nights) Steward
    2. JeffMossy (confirmed 3 nights) Steward
    3. Minisorella (confirmed 5 nights) Steward
    4. Haamster (confirmed 5 nights)
    5. Exwindsurfer (confirmed 5 nights)
    6. Edina (confirmed 3 nights) (D)
    7. Ian1950 (confirmed 5 nights)
    8. Oldish Hippy (confirmed 5 nights)
    9. Bigusdisckus (confirmed 5 nights)
    10. RugbyKen (confirmed 3 nights)
    11. BongoBaz (confirmed 4 nights)
    12. Benylin (confirmed 5 nights)
    13. BMC (confirmed 5 nights)
    14. Looser Cruiser (confirmed 5 nights)
    15. Streetsleeper (confirmed 5 nights)
    16. Lee 5
    17. Banned Member 5
    18. Robmac 5
    19. Oldman down 5
    20. Pauljenny 5
    21. Benylin 5
    22. Full Member 5
    23. Campervanannie 5
    24. Molly 3
    25. Niki 4
    26. BMC 5
    27. Andromeda 5
    28. Helsque 4
    29. MaryMary 4
    30. Nimo777 5
    31. Wynnster (G)

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    Still can't confirm yet, Phil.
    Looks like the Medics are going easy on us . We hope to be more certain by this month end.
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