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    Quote Originally Posted by Jays View Post
    I am only talking about our area Dumfries and Galloway, each year in primary school the children have a prize for the best keep our area litter free poster.
    I think that the problem is quite complex.
    The parents?
    The grandparents?
    Society as a whole, not challenging bad behaviour?
    I've challenged litter droppers to mixed results.
    One that was quite sad is:-
    In Gibraltar at Morrisons stood in the car park with our dogs.
    A posh car parked up.
    The back window dropped.
    A youngish lady dropped a half full drinks carton out of the window onto the floor.
    It was a red rag to a bull as I was stood a couple of meters away.
    So I knocked on the drivers window.
    Told him what had happened.
    Oldish guy her Dad?
    He got out of the car picked up the carton and put it in the bin.
    Not a word to the lout in the back!
    So who's to blame?
    Comparing the UK to NZ is an unfair comparison due to the massive population difference,if only one percent of the pop. were responsible for littering then it would be a lot more noticeable in the UK,I suspect there's not much difference between the two. I agree it's more than just teaching respect in schools but I do wonder if the breakdown of social cohesion is the biggest problem, families being priced out,breaking up for work opportunities,as well as immigration thrown into the mix,so very little pride in an area.
    I recently signed a petition asking the gov. to impose a deposit on plastic bottles,it looks like big business will win again on that one,but the levy on plastic bags has already made a massive impact,it really needs the gov. to get on board and start making changes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by POI Admin View Post
    One thing that has really struck home on my travels in Spain - there is virtually no litter to be seen.
    Things have changed for the better then, dead dogs used to lie on the streets for days if not weeks 15 years ago.

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    Visited a Cyprus beach that was beautiful and spotless. Turned out it was a beach predominantly frequented by the Germans on the Island. Visited a beach that was mostly British visitors
    and the place was stinking. Rubbish and rotting fruit everywhere. You had to watch where you were walking, there was so much. The British are slobs.. I know you can't tar everybody with the same brush
    but even today, I walk my dog around a small lake with a cycle track around it and a car park with several bins. Yet, I see piles of various fast food cartons just laying where some slob has just
    opened the door of their car and thrown them out. (There's a bin just 10 yards away)!!!! And you wonder why some people have backsides the size of the cars their driving!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Father Ted View Post
    Things have changed for the better then, dead dogs used to lie on the streets for days if not weeks 15 years ago.
    Funny you should say that. I was down the south of France years ago and decided to pop down to Barcelona for the day. The motorway/bypass on the outskirts had a tall concrete central reservation what was littered with dead dogs and cats. Never seen this in any other country.

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