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Didn't know you were a secret headbanger izwozral! Both me and my sister was well she still is sometimes me not now!!
I reckon that is why I am bald and daft, shook my hair out and rattled my brains. Years of being in front of 20' high stacks of speakers, listening to the likes of Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zep blasting out at a trillion decibels and staring directly into a million megawatt strobes isn't conducive to standing stock still, you've just got to headbang!
First time I saw Zeppelin at the Free Trade Hall in 1971, from the very first couple of minutes, the whole crowd and I mean the whole crowd were banging. Has to be my favourite concert of all time, what a night that was.
Now I am getting all nostalgic and whimsical, want to live my life again! Mind you, if reincarnation is a reality then I will probably be returned as a dung beetle for all my past sins.