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Thread: A timely old joke

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    A timely old joke

    Following on from Rals thread I thought you might find this tale amusing

    I am well and truly into the dialysis routine and every day is a learning curve , understanding the process and through talking to other patients and the nurses making the best of the job and getting the real low down

    Last Thursday I had a hypo during dialysis a sudden blood pressure drop to 75 /45 and one of the male nurses explained it happened and spent a few minutes explaining the side effects and how to avoid one or two and the importance of restricting fluid intake etc Kye is a fillipino as most of the nurses are

    Then out the blue he asked "how is your lever " " oh that's fine " I said completely oblivious as to what the was on about. Without further prompting he continued to explain one side effect of dialysis within males is the old brewers droop lack of blue steel . In channa style explained it didn't matter it didn't get used that often anyway ....and left it at that with a laugh

    Zoom forward this weekend and part of my re vamp I had my haircut , trimmed the beard and had a clothes and shoe shop. The hospital stay was a bit of a tonic and I left feeling far more positive about things in general and the wake up call means after years I seem to have ditched the irrelevances that swamped me

    So yesterday was my first dialysis session after the weekend and everyone noticed I was groomed etc

    The ward generally has the atmosphere of a youth club albeit the occupants a little older

    Kye pipes up "Mr Channa looking very smart this morning" I said its your fault ...puzzled I continued " You told me I could well be impotent. Well if I is impotent I sure am going to look impotent ! "

    Suffice to say the ward and staff were in uproar

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    Not always easy Andrew, but you have to keep laughing and upbeat, It does help when you're round other people with the same problems, they keep you going, you keep each other going,
    Always someone to have a chat with, doesn't give you time to get down. Glad to hear you're doing ok.
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