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Thread: a cure for cancer......

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    Quote Originally Posted by REC View Post
    GcMAF: a story of exploitation and lies | Anticancerfund
    "Cancer cured for good?" Gc-MAF and the miracle cure - Cancer Research UK - Science blog

    The "research" done to prove this drug was retracted and shown to be very poor. The patients ( less than 20 total) had already had or were having conventional treatment so the benefits were hard or impossible to point to GcMaf plus the researchers did not actually monitor the tumours being treated! I think the cancer research article is particularly relevant.
    There are many drugs coming now, which are properly researched and activate the immune system. I don't think this is one of them at the moment.

    i have read some of the research quoted here thanks. it gives a very different picture

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    Quote Originally Posted by harrow View Post
    Just to add a recollection from 35 years ago, when I first had chemo.

    There was another chap my age,

    but his job did not have any sick pay,

    he had his chemo and in between treatment sessions he used to go back to work,

    and he was a industrial welder !
    When I started, we used to mix the 5fu at the end of the patients bed.....they used to come in for three days of continuous infusions and stayed in the ward. Now an ambulatory pump is attached to an indwelling line and they go home till the pump needs removing. The same drug is also given in tablet form now for some patients.
    I had a patient who used to run to the hospital for his weekly Chemo, then run home after. When he finished he did the London marathon a month afterwards. Some treatment is always better tolerated, and some people have more side effects than others. These are better managed than years ago but some do have a harder time than others.
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