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Thread: CoPilot 8 POI installation

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    Northerner Guest

    I installed the POIs on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android) some months ago and don't remember any problems and it works fine. However, I cannot find the file should I want to delete them and reinstall a later one. The largest file that I can find as I trawl through the various directories is a POI.gnx but at just over 300 kb it doesn't seem large enough. What is the name and suffix for the main data file please?

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    Renault Trafic Hi Top

    Big thank you

    :lol-053 Thanks for these instructions!!!!!
    To get the files into my galaxy note 10 from the lap top I had to use a micro sd card and adapter as I have not yet managed a bluetooth link. It was a bit fiddly but once in my documents as a tom tom set of data steps b) onwards were a piece of cake

    Quote Originally Posted by fairytooth View Post
    To get the files into CoPilot Live is surprisingly easy:

    a) Connect your phone as an external hard drive to your computer. (With Android phones, hook up the USB cable, it should automatically ask if you want to turn on USB storage. It will then show up as an additional drive.)

    b) Go to the \copilot\EU\save folder (or similar)

    c) Copy your .ov2 (and if you have a bmp icon file, the icon is fine) to this directory and disconnect your phone by pressing "Turn Off USB Storage".)

    d) Start up CoPilot Live. It will immediately pop up stating that a new POI set has been found. Click the next arrow (to the right), and you can either select a preexisting category or select "New Category" for really custom POIs and click next.

    e) Select "No" for "are you importing safety camera data?", then click "next".

    PS Works fine for CoPilot Live 9 too.

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    P McClure Guest
    Since Apple introduced IOS 6 the "write permissions" for the necessary folders have changed and I believe that you are unable to add custom POI's to any apple device.

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    The instructions still apply to Android devices however ...

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    Silverbull Guest
    Worth noting is copilot is offline so works great on a cheap wifi tablet (i imagine) or in remote locations... Got as a backup

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    Quote Originally Posted by P McClure View Post
    Since Apple introduced IOS 6 the "write permissions" for the necessary folders have changed and I believe that you are unable to add custom POI's to any apple device.
    It will cost you 2.99 to download a custom poi installer for your ipad/iphone. Works with iOS 6

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    Winker Guest

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    silverfox uk Guest

    POE On to iPad to use with

    Quote Originally Posted by P McClure View Post
    Managed to intergrate the poi's into my copilot on my iphone

    I downloaded a program onto my pc called DiskAid. This shows the relevent apps on the iphone.

    Then I navigated to uk/uk_ireland/save.

    I then dragged the .ov2 file into the save folder, then dragged the .bmp file (the icon) into the same folder.

    I then started up the sat nav program. It had found the new poi's and it asked me if I wanted to use them (yes). Then it asked me which icon I wanted to use, and gave me lots of options. Unfortunately the .bmp file I had loaded wasn't there, so I just used another one from the list.
    Just used this app to download POI on to iPad to use in Dragged and dropped Google KLM files across and they loaded straight away, the apps first class also dropped some of my movie files into movies, no problem.It will be easy to remove old POI and replace with new, this is a fifteen day free copy but I will be buying it to gain control of my iPad and iPhone. Thank you very much for posting this sure other iPad users will find it worth using. One last thing when you start up all of the POI are marked with stars you have to click on one before you know if its water WC or stopover, you could just load stopovers or alter the star colors,your choice. Anybody using Co-pilot with the new software update on iPad and iPhone it prevents you adding POI.

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