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Thread: The Big Wildcamping New Year Meet 2017/18 28th Dec - 2nd Jan 2018

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    The Big Wildcamping New Year Meet 2017/18 28th Dec - 2nd Jan 2018

    I am so happy to announce that this Meet is definitely not one to miss!
    Much has changed since last year, and I feel that this will be one to remember!

    STOP PRESS!! We have spaces for two more vans available!

    Don't Miss Out! Book Today!

    The venue

    Henley School
    Stratford Road
    B95 6AF.

    and those that attended the recent Music Festival will no doubt agree that it suits our needs perfectly.

    Parking and Facilities

    Parking will be mostly on hard standing, and for anyone with mobility issues, there will be spaces available at the front of the school, very close to the Main Entrance, which will also be very handy for access to the Party Hall.

    The many showers and toilets around the school will be open from 6 am until late.

    You are invited to arrive after midday on 28th Dec and the school would like us to vacate by mid-day 2nd Jan.
    The Meet will be over five days, and I fully take on board that some members may not be able to stay for the entire duration. However, I must emphasise that the minimum booking that we can accept for this event, is three nights. This is due to the very considerable costs of putting this together, but I’m sure it will be well worth it.
    The only restriction that has been placed on us is the fact that Dogs Must Be On Leads when on School premises and are NOT allowed in the buildings.
    It goes without saying that all doggie indiscretions must be cleared up.

    Entertainment and refreshments

    Complimentary Tea and Coffee, with a selection of biscuits, will greet new arrivals in the Dining Room and will be available on a daily basis, to all members to encourage folk to gather and chat.

    Much of the format from previous years has been kept but this year there are a few changes to look out for.

    We will have a BOOK SWAP in the corner of the Dining Room. If you have finished your book, bring it along and swap it for a different one, absolutely free of charge. If you see a book that takes your fancy, and you dont have a book to swap, then just help yourself and enjoy.

    For those of you bringing children, Steve and Louise will be hosting a get-together at 11am 'til Noon, on Fri, Sat and Sun in the Main Hall or the gym, where they will be able to try their hand at various games, both electronic and practical.
    Parents will have the opportunity to grab a Tea/Coffee for an hour, or if they have any concerns are welcome to come along and watch their child.

    The Icebreaker Night will see the addition of a Request Disco, when we can all request our favourite hits from years gone by, up to the present day. Get your thinking caps on, and remember all your favourites!
    ************************************************** ************************************************** ********
    On Sunday afternoon, we can look forward to a Seminar about is being launched on New Years Day.
    This is not going to take the form of a Presentation, but will basically be a question and answer session.
    I'm sure we will all have many questions, about, so bring them along, and Phil will do his best to answer them.
    ************************************************** ************************************************** ********
    There will be Sing-alongs, a cinema screening of a comedy classic and of course Andys’Cash Prize FUN Quiz after a warm up by Jane and Peter of karaoke fame. If we have any ukulele players coming, bring your instruments of torture, and we may be able to organise a mass strumalong to a Youtube video. Janet (andyjanet) has very kindly agreed to another Jewellery Making Class which has proved very popular with men and women alike come along and give her some support. New Years Day will see the second annual Wildcamping World Conker Championship, where the reigning champion, Miss Keeley Tomlinson, will defend her title against all-comers. Conkers will be supplied….. and of course then….. there is the little matter of the PARTY!

    The New Years Party

    As in previous years, if we all bring our own favourite tipples and a little something for the Buffet Table we will all have a splendid meal, fit for a king! I will be very happy to organise a list of anything that you wish to bring (so that we don’t get 150 plates of egg sandwiches) just let me know and I will post it so that we all know what is and isn’t needed. If anybody would prefer to bring their own food, purely for their own consumption, that is fine also.

    From the 1st November, Helen (paulhelenwilko) will be hosting a thread entitled 'New Year Buffet Food'.
    If you have any thoughts about what you would like to bring, then let her know please and she will collate all suggestions, and eventually we will have an idea about what is still needed. Remember, you are not catering for the Army, if we all bring a little, there will be plenty to go round.

    If anybody would like to use the kitchen to prepare, then contact Helen or me, and we will do our best to arrange a rota so that we don’t have too many at the same time. We will have refrigerators at our disposal.

    It would be ideal if food for the Buffet could be dropped off by 6 pm please, with the evening starting at 7.30 pm. This will give the girls a chance to freshen up and get ready for the evening. There will be no access to the main hall until 7.30pm as the band will have set up in there.

    During the meal, we will keep the music down to a level where it will be possible to talk around the table for those that wish to ‘catch up’. When everyone has finished eating, the lights will be dimmed, and the mood will be set to party!

    I am so excited to announce that to take us out of 2017 we have managed to book the fabulous…

    One of the most appreciated bands at the Henley Music Festival and definitely not to be missed!
    All professional musicians, they are very accomplished and will be perfect to dance the night away. Over their three sets, they will take us all the way to Auld Lang Syne and into 2018. Please give them all of your support and a great big Wildcamping Welcome!

    On top of all that, we have applied for a late-night music licence for a disco to keep the party atmosphere going after the band has finished, until approx 01.00

    Camping and event fees

    Camping and the entertainments are charged separately.

    The charge per pitch per night is 10 with a proviso that the minimum booking is for three nights.
    The charge for the event is priced at 20 per person and includes all complimentary refreshments. There will be no charge for children of school age. ie 16 and under.
    We do not make money from our meets and the prices have been calculated to cover the costs.
    We are asking people to pay in advance for the event and the camping please. This will save us time at the meet and ensure that we have the money to cover the costs. Once you have paid for your place you will get (confirmed) next to your name on the list. You can pay via the PayPal link below directly to Admin (Philip Tomlinson), or if you do not have PayPal please contact Admin for other options. If you have to cancel then your money will be refunded provided we have 30 days notice or a reserve takes your place. Anybody who remains a Maybe on the 1st November will be moved to the reserves list.


    Ensure that you include your username, nights and how many people over 16 and child will be attending. as an example:

    Username: Admin, 5 nights, 2 adults and one child.

    Please look at these pictures to see where to fill out the details:

    pp1.jpg pp2.jpg

    Here is the PayPal link: Click here to pay

    If this seems like the perfect way for you to welcome in the New Year and you would like to be assured of your place at the Meet, then please use the PayPal link above to pay for Camping Nights and Party Tickets. REMEMBER to include your Username and the number of seats you require.

    A big THANK YOU to everyone who has already paid. With a Meet as large as this, Prompt Payment is ALWAYS appreciated.

    Hope to see you there! Best wishes, Rog.



    Party Animals

    1. oldish hippy (confirmed 5N 1P)
    2. RoaminRog (confirmed 5N 2P)
    3. andyjanet (confirmed 5N 2P)
    4. Jane and Peter (confirmed 5N 2P)
    5. Minisorella (confirmed 5N 1P)
    6. Admin, Tes and Keeley (confirmed 5N 2P 1C)
    7. jennyp19 (confirmed 5N 2P)
    8. Stitch (confirmed 5N 1P)
    9. denmar (confirmed 5N 1P)
    10. LeeLinda (confirmed 4N 2P)
    11. 2cv (confirmed 3N 2P)
    12. Daisymini (confirmed 5N 1P)
    13. st3v3 (confirmed 4N 2P 1C)
    14. Musketeer x2 (confirmed 3N 2P)
    15. Tezza33 (confirmed 5N 2P 1C)
    16. 4x4man (confirmed 4N 2P)
    17. jeffmossy (confirmed 4N 2P)
    18. DWALLER (confirmed 5N 2P)
    19. santonlu (confirmed 5N 2P)
    20. Wynnster (confirmed 5N 2P 2C)
    21. robell (confirmed 5N 2P)
    22. bennythebouncer (confirmed 5N 2P)
    23. Ian and Sue (confirmed 5N 2P)
    24. Ron333 (confirmed 3N 2P)
    25. Maci (confirmed 3N 2P 2C)
    26. Haaamster (confirmed 5N 1P)
    27. orange grove (confirmed 3N 2P)
    28. gemmat (confirmed 3N 2P)
    29. RobSwan (confirmed 5N 3P)
    30. chipvan (confirmed 3N 3P)
    31. salamander (confirmed 5N 2P)
    32. Bongobaz (confirmed 4N 2P)
    33. Caz (confirmed 3N 1P)
    34. Marymary (confirmed 3N 1P)
    35. Helenesque (confirmed 3N 1P)
    36. campervanannie (confirmed 5N 1P)
    37. brakers (confirmed 5N 1P)
    38. Old Man Down (confirmed 5N 2P)
    39. dahlia duo (confirmed 4N 2P)
    40. harrym (confirmed 5N 1P)
    41. flyby (confirmed 4N 1P)
    42. Loretta (confirmed 5N 2P)
    43. tiderus (confirmed 4N 2P)
    44. molly 2 (confirmed 5N 2P)
    45. Tompa (confirmed 3N 2P)
    46. Salvage 1 (confirmed 3N 2P)
    47. Jeanb57 (confirmed 4N 2P 1C)
    48. horace (confirmed 3N 2P)
    49. paulhelenwilko (confirmed 4N 2P)
    50. Streetsleeper (confirmed 5N 2P)
    51. albabe (confirmed 3N 1P)
    52. Seymour (confirmed 5N 1P)
    53. 1 Cup x2
    54. 10para x2
    55. Tuppence x3
    56. Miduck
    57. andromeda x2
    58. Articstorm
    59. Firefox
    60. Dkay
    61. Vakalo x4
    62. Fairy Lights (maybe)
    63. Debfinch
    64. Derk x2

    Reserves list
    1, Kingneptune x2+1
    2. Hilsmac x2
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    Thread cleaned by admin. The list is correct at this point.
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    We are still keen to attend should we make the list.
    DWALLER 5 nights 2 adults 0 Children 1 dog.
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    Yes still would love to attend so please keep Chrismilo on your list
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    Hi Rog

    I won't be able to make this meet so please now remove my name. Thanks
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    Yes please still attending. Will sort when back from France.
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    Just to advise I'm still attending plus another person.

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    Hi Rog
    Please put me on the reserve list. since my van broke down last year this year I would really like to attend. Cheers
    I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jillygumbo View Post
    Hi Rog

    I won't be able to make this meet so please now remove my name. Thanks
    Sorry you cant make the Meet. Hope all is ok. BW Rog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loretta View Post
    Hi Rog
    Please put me on the reserve list. since my van broke down last year this year I would really like to attend. Cheers
    Hi Jose, It would be really nice if you can make it this year, especially after not doing last year. I will keep my fingers crossed for you both.
    Best wishes, Rog.

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