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Thread: Pirelli Carrier Camper Tyres

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    Pirelli Carrier Camper Tyres

    Hi all. Well I had the 8 year old Chinese tyres replaced with new Pirelli Carrier camper tyres. Ive used them out and about in dry, rain and snow/slush on our third world roads and can report back that they are an very very good tyre. Yes, changing from what I had to bald remoulds would have improved the motorhome but im quite shocked at the difference, this being my first ever change to proper quality tyres on a motorhome. The first thing I noticed was the change in noise. They are so quiet. I just assumed the road noise was standard in motorhomes, big open space in the back, its just what they all sound like. Not so. The noise reduction was actually a big one. The road noise is just so much less. Hitting the potholes and ruts around here doesn't seem generate the noise it once did. The handling has also improved. There seems to be less "rattles" and it steers better. The second thing is diesel use. It looks like im getting a bit better MPG 2mpg?? Ill see better as I do more mileage but it does seem to be better. But the biggest thing im noticing is grip. They are rated as "A" for wet grip and boy do I notice it. The dry grip is better but the wet grip is a quantom leap forward. You notice it when fully loaded and turning corners or going up banks. No wheelspin, no sliding, they just grip like the missus to a tenner. What these will be like in the depth of an icy winter I wont know as they are rated as summer as I do %90 of my time out and about in spring summer and autumn so ill report back in worse winter conditions but so far in what winter ive had they are performing very well indeed.

    So all in all, a quality product from Pirelli. Very chuffed. Never thought a set of tyres could improve a driving experience this much. Then again, as in many things, you get what you pay for.
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    I'm sure you are right, but wonder how much of the difference is down to the old tyres being eight years old. As the compound hardens with age, tyres give a noisier and harsher ride and less grip.
    Of course, better quality tyres may age better too...
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