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Thread: Moorcock Inn, Garsdale Head, Sedburgh LA10 5PU

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    Moorcock Inn, Garsdale Head, Sedburgh LA10 5PU

    Just thought I'd let you know about this hidden gem. Rang them a couple of weeks ago on the offchance that they might take overnight campervans. They were very friendly and accommodating, advising me to just turn up and park at the bottom of their small carpark.
    Went there this week with my Springer Spaniel. This site is about 5 miles out of Hawes on the Sedbergh road (Don't confuse it with the Moorcock Inn at Garsdale a few miles further on towards Sedbergh)
    Glorious, isolated and quiet little country pub on the corner of a T junction. Parked in the car park and advised them I had turned up. Warm and friendly welcome, they serve food all day and I didn't need to book a table (dogs welcome).
    That afternoon went for a walk over the moors with Barnaby (the Springer) in heaven, running over the hummocks, straight into a stunningly beautiful river site, with ice cold water flowing over huge flat rock slabs, with only sheep in sight. A magical place by the river where tent camping is allowed.
    Later that evening went for a great pint (or two) of Theakstons and a lovely home cooked meal with Barnaby at the table side.
    Spent a quiet night under the stars, a 1am trip outside was staggeringly beautiful with a clear night sky and a myriad of stars lighting the sky, despite the cold, I spent a few minutes just gazing at the sky.
    Awoke early, (dogs need their breakfast) with the sunrise just coming over the hills and making the frosted grass sparkle, went for a run with the dog over the moors (he ran I walked!)
    All in all a great trip, including the drive back over the moor through Kettlewell to Skipton.
    If you plan to go to the pub, call Jo, Charlie or Andrew on 01969667488. There is also a roadside layby just across the side road from the pub that is used for overnight stays as well, would fit a couple of small campervans.20190411_073048.jpg20190411_065207.jpg20190411_073244.jpg20190411_073909.jpgIMG-20190410-WA0026.jpgIMG-20190411-WA0000.jpg

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    Thanks for the information. I'll add it to the POIs
    Remember - POI additions and updates can be sent by email to

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